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Damrak at Night, Amsterdam, 1999
Featured Photo: "Damrak, 1999"
A view from the heart of Amsterdam, looking across the Damrak canal. The vibrant lighting effects in this bustling hub of street life motivated a rare decision to offer this photo in full color.

The textures of the cities of Holland, of streets, alleys, canals and architecture were fashioned over half a millenium. In this city where so much of form is function, the forms have aged like people, acquiring style and character beyond their design. Light is at play; a camera watches.

Amsterfoto's original photographs of Amsterdam and the Netherlands are available for purchase. They include street views, canal houses, night scenes, and yes, a few landmarks. The photos are all superbly composed with fine attention to print quality. They originate on large-format negatives and are suitable for exhibiting in sizes up to several feet across, while still showing dramatic detail. While the compositions are effective in any size, every image reveals more the bigger it gets. When you click on the images on this page, you'll get to see for yourself.

Photographs are signed limited-editions of 250 in each size. They are printed on photographic paper using the extremely high quality Lightjet printer. Each is available in four sizes, to fit standard-sized frames with or without the border. Prices advertised include Fedex 3-day air shipping within the U.S.A..


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Damrak- Night, B&W, Amsterdam, 1999

Photo: "Damrak, Night- B&W" Amsterdam, 1999

Same image as above, for those who like black & white.

Reguliersgracht in fog, Amsterdam, 2002

Photo: "Reguliersgracht in Fog" Amsterdam, 2002

It's about four-thirty am on a foggy November night. The canal bridges typical of Amsterdam provide a study in depth composition. Here, a crisp, long line of canal houseboats receding deep into the fog converges with the lines of the bridge railing and the cars along Reguliersgracht.

Museumplein at Night, Amsterdam, 2001

Photo: "Museumplein at Night" Amsterdam, 2001

The camera has a fine layer of drizzle on it. The skating rink has just been set up for the winter. Families, teenagers and tourists make the Museumplein a busy place in the daytime, but for now, the stately Rijksmuseum presides over a quiet night.

Cobra, Night, Amsterdam, 2001

Photo: "Cobra, Night" Amsterdam, 2001

Almost the reverse angle from the view above, with the Rijksmuseum's fence along the left, aiming toward the restaurant Cobra. The crossing shapes of the road's sheen and curbs lend visual support for the vista of buildings in thedistance..

Photo: "The Grasshopper" Amsterdam, 2003

Early morning (for Amsterdam), looking into a side-street off Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal. This is one of many photos inspired by raking light emphasizing the textures of the old buildings. The lines' of this image colliding at all angles evokes the bustle of this neighborhood at most hours.

Keizersgracht Canal, Amsterdam, 2001

Photo: "Keizersgracht Canal" Amsterdam, 2001

West from Leidsegracht, the Keizersgracht canal makes a bend to the north. The Westerkerk bell-tower stands over the trees in the distance. A canal boat turns south into Leidsegracht leaves a streak from its headlamp. The perspective on the curving canal provides a nice cluster of canal-houses to balance the bridge and canal foreground elements.

Singel & Luthersekerk, Amsterdam, 2003

Photo: "Lutherese Kerk in Fog " Amsterdam, 2003

Amsterfoto ordered the fog light on this evening so that the Lutherese Kerk would be just visible enough to be the focal point for this image over the Singel canal from Blauwburgval.

Dreaming Boats, Amsterdam, 2003

Photo: "Dreaming Boats" Amsterdam, 2003

A view looking north from Herenstraat on a lightly fogged night. In this dream-like image, the water is very still, and the canal-boats appear to sleep more on fog than water.

Raamsteeg, Amsterdam, 2002

Photo: "Raamsteeg" Amsterdam, 2002

This small commercial block between Singel and Spuistraat is mostly deserted at this hour, but well-lit. A bicyclist painted the trail in the center of the photo, and shadows of a few pedestrians can be seen as well.

Singel & Munttoren, Amsterdam, 2003

Photo: "Singel & Muntplein" Amsterdam, 2003

A colorful landmark shot, of the Muntplein and the flower market looking over the Singel canal from the Koningsplein. The cool November weather does not keep the floral vendors from their business, as you can see from the foreground display.

Leliegracht over Keizersgracht, Amsterdam, 2003

Photo: "Leliegracht" Amsterdam, 2003

In classical Dutch paintings, broken cloud-cover was used to direct rays of sunlight onto key areas of the painting. Occasionally nature obliges in similar fashion, as here at Leliegracht and Keizersgracht. Note also the highlighted building in the backgound to the left.

Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal, Amsterdam, 2003

Photo: "Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal, 2003

The Magna Plaza and Nz-Voorburgwal explode with light from behind the darker Gravenstraat in the foreground. This, and the opposing angles create a surprising dynamism for the composition.

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"Fine Large-format Photography of Amsterdam and Environs"

All images copyright (c) 1999-2003 John Higbie

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